Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My party: Be there and be square (and other thoughts)...

Here's proof positive that I'm a super dorky seventeen-year-old trapped in the body of a super dorky twenty seven-year-old: I'm having a Twin Peaks party this weekend. The folks will be visiting my sis in West Virginia and I'll have the house all to myself! Par-tay! Of course, since I'm very single and without friends and/or acquaintances, I'll be having the party with Bird and Mr. Turtle. Oh well, more pie for me. I'll be doing this party the right way: Black coffee, donuts and cherry pie. Since it's just me, I'll probably brew a pot, go to Tim Hortons for a donut or two and find a decent slice of pie at the supermarket. Maybe an individual 6 inch pie? Where can I get one of those?

In other news, I'm feeling out of sorts. The hem in my left pant leg fell, so I resorted to a desperation stapling. Although no one can see or really cares, I'm just walking around today with the knowledge that I have staples in my pants. I feel slightly trashy, although I'm also feeling slightly proud of my resourcefulness. I tried earlier with cloth book tape and clear packing tape (on other pants in the past) and this will definitely last for a wearing or two, but not much longer.

Also, the snow is getting me down. The drive into Detroit (via Mound) was actually quite beautiful today. It was the perfect snow consistency--the flakes landed on the bare tree branches in just such a wonderful way; it was almost a relaxing, peaceful drive...until I entered Detroit. I then noticed the black dirty snow and the stray dogs wandering the streets, trying not to freeze to death. Then I entered Hamtramck and saw children wearing completely inadequate footwear for walking in the snow. Then the remaing leg of my drive on I-75 and the crush of commuters sapped all the remaining joy from my existence. The fact that I ran out of wiper fluid certaintly didn't help matters much.

Hopefully some crocuses and daffodils will bloom soon. I'm not much of a flower girl, but I need to see some life!

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Julie said...

I'm currently wearing what I refer to as "the skirt hemmed by safety pins." So I say yes to your stapled pants.

There were many comments here, as well, about how pretty the snow was. I was lucky enough to go the opposite direction--SCS to Auburn Hills--so it just got prettier and prettier instead of vice versa.

You know, you may not regret a full cherry pie. You've got like 40 hours of stuff to watch. Many pieces of pie can be eaten during that time period. Like one of the people you referred to, I watched them all while I had the flu, too. It was one of my fave TV experiences, and I was IN LOVE with Heather Graham by the end. Oh, I'm reliving it now...it leads to more memories...I need to watch them again myself.