Sunday, March 20, 2005

Just a hopeless guilt-ridden gal...

I had a very interesting, disturbing weekend in Grand Rapids. I'll elaborate further, tomorrow maybe once everything sinks in. Just a hint: I'm now embroiled in a morally questionable relationship with Mr. ITAEIT (It Will All End In Tears) and now I'm feeling very, very confused, and yet very happy and excited. He is perfect for me, except for everything that is so completely, horribly wrong.

And to add a further facet of weirdness to the equation: I am strangely turned-on by army fatigues and dress uniforms. I am so messed up.


ago-go said... it the not yet divorced part that's bugging you?

Julie said...

I have the same question. Or perhaps he's still more enmeshed with her than he had originally represented?