Monday, March 21, 2005


Ago, Julie, anyone else with an inquiring mind, here's more info: yes, the fact that he is still married is bothering me, but not as much as I initially thought it would. He never says "my wife," it's always "my ex-wife" and a lawyer has been contacted but nothing official has been done yet; plans are in the works. I'm also quite certain that there is no chance for reconciliation; he said he'll never trust her again. Of course, we didn't only hang around and talk about his dead marriage all weekend.

He was the perfect gentleman all weekend: he opened the car door for me, as well as doors to the restaurant, his house, etc. He paid for dinner, drinks, entertainment and everything else. I had a great time. The only major problem(s): he lives 150 miles away, which in a way is a good thing. I have the problem of getting sick and tired of guys (dull, boring, dead-end ones mostly.) I dated some guys who were ALWAYS hanging around, never giving me space and it started really getting on my nerves pronto. If I see him a few times a month, it could work, yet it could turn into another long-distance casualty. I've personally killed several relationships with the long-distance issue, but usually the relationship is in a terminal state by then. Another problem: the Army. Before meeting him I would hear about reservists getting called up for active duty every night on the news; I really didn't pay too much attention. Now I'm hearing about it and have more of an interest, and I'm getting scared.

This is all so brand new; I'm not even sure if he's interested in me. He probably is, but one can never really tell this early. I don't wish to get my heart demolished yet again, so I'm absolutely not getting my hopes up, but that's easy to say. I've experienced ten years' worth of lying, cheating, lazy bastards already so it's about time for someone good to venture into my life, but I am undeniably the rebound girl, and he is bitter with serious baggage.

Anyone who knows me and who knows him, PLEASE don't tell him about this. I just need to vent and get my feelings off my chest.

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