Thursday, March 03, 2005

I need to read...

I've decided to give up Borders for Lent (a bit late, yes, but it still counts.) Actually, I'm also going to give up Barnes & Noble and Target's book section. I have way too many books in my bedroom waiting to be read, so for the next twenty four days I shall be faithful to my personal collection. Really I should forbid myself from entering the aforementioned establishments until I have finished the following books I already own:

1. Atlas Shrugged (finishing this is part of my "Countdown to 30")
2. Anna Karenina
3. Dr. Zhivago
4. The Brothers Karamazov
5. Moby Dick

One look at this list and someone might think I'm a Russophile. I'm not playing favorites; actually the authors just seem to find me. Maybe all this reading will start the creative juices flowing. Maybe then my lair will be a palace of productivity instead of a warren of writer's block.

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