Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Librarian fetish?

I have just recently (within a few hours) discovered that my new Mr "It-Will-All-End-In-Tears" has a thing for the stereotypical "sexy librarian" look. You know the one: hair up in a loose bun, buttoned-up blouse, stockings, high heels, nerdy glasses. I'm sure a fantasy scenario may go something like this: gorgeous, yet unaware of it librarian drops a book, bends over to pick up said book, glasses fall off, top button pops off blouse, hair conveniently falls out of loose bun and the librarian metamorphs into a super sex kitten.

REAL WORLD: Un-gorgeous and plenty aware of it, I drop a book, probably unlady-likely squat to pick it up, lose my footing and fall on my ass, magically a book falls off the shelf onto my head, knocks my nerdy glasses off my face, I stand up, step on and crush my glasses and begin swearing like a sailor, probably in front of a shareholder.


ago-go said...

my word!...what is with these guys and their libraian fetishes? in my experience, that and schoolgirls appear to be the top 2. how bout people finally realizing that there are young, hot, stylish librarians who dress like normal professionals as well as dull, dowdy-attired, in any profession. and i have yet to witness either group going into a striptease at the workplace.

i'll bet if you dig hard enough, you're sure to uncover that he's got some sort of library lesbiansism/3-some fantasy as well. maybe you should recommend some reading to him....

Jen said...

Yow! I need a copy of that!