Friday, March 04, 2005


I just finished up my first cry of the new year. The first sob of 2005 was due to the last episode of "Blackadder Goes Forth." *Warning! I'm about to give away the ending of the fourth series.* I knew the sixth and final episode ended with the characters leaving the foxhole and meeting the German army (and getting killed,) but it was dealt with in such an honest manner, addressing the horrors of war, death, losing one's friends through the years, perverse humor and everything that has always gone through the minds of soldiers staitioned on the front line.

I've watched all four series (not counting the millenium series, which I'm not sure actually counts as an actual, official series) within the past several months. The first series had it's moments, but I wasn't instantly taken with it. The second series had Miranda Richandson as Queen Elizabeth and she was just batty enough to give the series that special something. The third series included Hugh Laurie (who I was acquainted with via 'Jeeves and Wooster' and who rocks) and by then the show really grew on me. The forth series completely engaged me, along with all the characters.

Rowan Atkinson was completely incredible in this series. He was totally Blackadder. No one could have possibly done better. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to watch Mr. Bean again, although that's in a separate league of it's own.

I can't believe I'm so emotional about an old TV series. This may have to do with my thoughts of joining the Air Force in the near future (although I'm probably getting a bit too old, but I have about five years left,) or the war in Iraq, or hormones, but I think the intelligence of the writing made all the difference in the end.



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