Thursday, March 17, 2005

Within the last half-hour...

I listened to a co-worker describe the usage of a Tax Management Portfolio (515-2nd as anyone actually cares.) as being "hot and heavy." She used this phrase at least ten times. Thank God it was a phone conversation, because I was trying not to crack up. Tax Management Portfolios are very dry, very specialized, and are a bitch to update, so the phrase "hot and heavy" does not automatically leap to mind when dealing with this product. This particular portfolio also deals with divorce and separation. Come to think of it, the phrase "hot and heavy" doesn't describe anything in my library at all.

I received an email requesting pages from the aforementioned portfolio. Strangely enough, the email was started with a "Dear Jennifer" instead of just launching into a demand. This type of letter-writing greeting etiquette is rarely observed in a legal setting and I was strangely moved by it. It seemed sincere. At the same time, in my brain I added "Dear Jennifer, how are you? I am fine," and had a bit of a laugh.

The American Bar Association called my number asking for Marie. The following conversation resulted:
ME: Hello, this is Jennifer.
ABA: Can I please speak to Marie?
ME: There is no Marie at the number. This is a business.
ABA: Oh. Can you please transfer me to the library?
ME: This is the library.
ABA: Oh. Can I please speak with Marie?
ME: (getting impatient) There is no Marie in the library.
ABA: Well, a Marie just called inquiring on an order.
ME: I just called about an hour ago.
ABA: So, you're Marie? I have the name written down as Marie.
ME: No, I'm Jennifer.

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