Saturday, March 05, 2005

Greeting from the Black Lodge...

Well, I have finished the first episode of Twin Peaks (not the pilot, just the first one-hour episode.) I have a feeling that something may be missing. Maybe it's the fact that I'm a bit rusty after an almost fifteen year break from the show, but I'm discovering that I don't remember as much about the show as I used to. Granted, this was just the first episode and the show didn't fall into a truly goofy groove until a few episodes in. I remember all the giant/midget/Bob stuff, but the beginning episode mainly involved boring James Hurley and Donna and Laura Palmer's screaming mother. The winning line "there was a fish in the percolator" was uttered in this ep. along with some other Cooper-related gems "Damn fine coffee." I can't believe I was just a goofy eighth grader when the show first aired. Yet, I still can't get me enough Coop!

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