Monday, March 28, 2005

The best thing to happen in weeks...

The dye injected into my veins for the chest CT made me feel all warm and cozy. It felt just like a big shot of whiskey without the alcohol or burning in the throat. It was almost like Ben Gay for the insides. The sensation started at the back of my throat and worked it's way down to my lower torso. Actually it felt like I wet myself (which DID NOT happen, btw.) Of course the sensation dissipated after a few seconds and I'm cold on the inside again.

After the procedure was over, the nurse expressed hope that I wouldn't have a brused inner arm, due to all the bloodletting of the past few days, to which I replied "Oh, I'm not vain about my veins." It's shit like that, uncontrolable stupid sentences that bypass the normal speech pattern filter in my brain.

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