Thursday, March 24, 2005

The cherry on top of my crap sundae...

As if things couldn't get worse for me, yesterday happened. I was working, minding my own business when I started getting stabbing chest pains on the heart side of my chest and throbbing pain in my left armpit (heartside as well.) Not leaving anything to chance, I left work early and went to Beaumont's ER (yes, I have a Beaumont Doctor.) After EKGs, x-rays, urineanlysis, blood draws, IVs, and sitting on a gurney in a revealing gown for almost six hours, it was initially determined that I somehow "sprained my chest." I didn't quite realize that was possible.

After being given that diagnosis, the ER doctor said my primary care physician had been contacted and wanted to see me on Thursday (today) so I left work early (again) and had blood drawn (again) and didn't quite get the clean bill of health I was hoping for...I need to get a chest CT scan ASAP, STAT, whatever acronym works, so that means that bright (not really) and early (6:30 AM) on Monday, I'll be getting dye injected in my veins and sent to hang out in the big machine. As a further added bonus, I need to pump additional asthma medication for 13 hours prior to the procedure because the dye has been known to cause problems in the pulminarily challenged.

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