Friday, February 25, 2005

Coop! What happened to Jen?!?

I've been thinking about the good old days lately. Way back when times were simpler, when worries were few, when my friends weren't having babies all over the place: junior high and early high school. And since I didn't have any great times, to speak of, I've been reminicing about my forms of entertainment during those years. Recently, thanks to Netflix, I caught up on four years of The X-Files episodes in a span of less than two months. I'm now an expert! That was the 1993-2002 high school/college/grad school time span. Now I'm planning on regressing even further into my past: Twin Peaks BABY!!!

I recently stumbled onto "The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes" and read it in maybe an hour. I can't believe I didn't read it 15 years ago! Now I'm going to have a personal Twin Peaks party just like I used to host all those years ago. I recall having Liz (of Lusty Lizzard fame) over to watch all the tapes. I think maybe Nora was invited as well (I decided to wait until she called me on her own to talk to her's going on 15 years; not much of a loss with that friendship!) We would have strong, black coffee, donuts, and cherry pie and just zone out in front of the tube while reciting lines "Coop! What happened to Josie?" Those were good times.


ago-go said...

i totally hear you! i hadn't seen twin peaks in many many years and a friend lent me her dvds a few months ago when i was sick with the was maybe not the best idea to watch backwards talking in the red room while i was barely conscious, but it sure was damn fun! i had forgotten how great that show was.

a total aside, i was wondering how you are enjoying your MLIS program. i just finished mine in June 2004 (university of alberta) and i'm interested to hear if the american programs are equally painful. :)


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