Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I've got the itch...

I'm itchy today. Maybe it's just regular winter-in-Michigan winter itch, but maybe it's a symptom of lymphoma. I'm due for another biopsy soon. Stupid lymph system.

It's been an uber-shitty day today. My library name-date book/mail stamper decided to die on me. It dramatically fell apart, leaving me all alone with a pile of mail to stamp. Damn office supply abandoner. Then I've been itchy all day. And more than a little dizzy/woozy, and I forgot my lunch at home, and my attention span was functioning at 35% I'm feeling a bit on the edge, thanks to the lingering specter of cancer and the lamprey-like quality of dissatisfaction with my career/existence.

I'm probably just dramatic right now. It's almost time to go home. Hooray for I-75 rush hour!

Then I get to work on my homework.

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