Friday, February 18, 2005


So, I guess I figured out how to post a picture from a web site onto my blog. Now I've got that warm feeling of self-satisfaction running though my veins as I type this. Or maybe that's the alcohol. I don't plan on this blog becoming a huge picture posting party; maybe just a once in a while thing. I've looked around at other pages and some are just way too crowded with pics, others share way too much information. I do plan on including pictures in my "Countdown to 30" page. Maybe just as documentation. That page really needs to be livened up.

In other news, I have signed up for and will be giving it a try for one month. I probably couldn't afford any longer commitment as it is $49.95 a month. So far, things have been interesting, but I'm not sure if the whole online dating thing appeals to me anymore. I'm beginning to think that all people suck and I should be living in a cave somewhere. I'll learn how to reproduce by budding.

One more thing: in the span of three hours today at work, I managed to spill ink, strong tea and blood onto my khakis. I think these might be "play clothes" from now on.

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