Thursday, February 17, 2005

Droopy drawers...

Okay, I'd never actually say "droopy drawers" in polite company, or any company for that matter, but I really couldn't resist. I have officially lost 22.5 pounds and nothing fits me anymore! I just discovered that my undies are getting baggy! The skirt I'm currently wearing is staying up due to otherworldly forces (and maybe friction thanks to the nylons,) and the lovely gray cashmere sweater I'm wearing is just too damn roomy. My favorite bra, which I'm also currently wearing is too big...and there have been problems due to cup-size vacancy lately.

And what's worse: I really don't look very good. After I lose another 10 pounds, I should get a total hair and makeup makeover.

One more thing: if anyone is actually reading this, can you explain how to post pictures on I'm having difficulties with the how-to instructions in the help section.

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