Friday, February 11, 2005

Grabbing life by the testes...

Right now it is 6:12. Friday night. I'm at Wayne's law library. And I'm the only student around. I'm working on assignments pertaining to human rights watches and Nobel Prizes laureates in Economics. When I get home (and in this neighborhood, I should include an IF), I'm writing reports. Then I'll feed Turtle. Then I'm going to bed and shall have a restless brain sleep. Then I'll wake up, weigh myself (!), and drink a cup of coffee. Then I'll probably go to the library again. Then I'm going to class. Then I'm buying several black mix-and-match wardrobe pieces. Shit, how did my existence get so pathetic!

I'm getting the writer's itch again. This particular quiet phase in my life might actually be a blessing in disguise. I really need to start thinking about things differently. If I was married, I might never be left alone again. Add a baby into the equation and it's not pretty. The revelation earlier this week that my old college roomie Christine is "with child" was a bit of a stunner. She always wanted to be married and a few years ago met Mike and had a great wedding. I never exactly saw her with children, although I've seen her maybe three times since I graduated, so I really don't know her that well anymore. A child would make my life completely...shattered.

The grammar is definitely lacking right now and I'm getting sleepy. I'm sitting next to a window that peeks into the law school and I'm zoning. I really must be heading toward the government documents department (wooohooo!)

In perkier news, I have better feelings toward Hortensia. Maybe she's in grad school herself, writing papers on Friday night. I wonder what life is like in the parallel universe. I wonder what she's doing right now; is she studying, preparing to become a chef or an astronaut or drinking alone on Friday night? Parallel me couldn't wander too far off course because then she wouldn't be my twin. Of course, the same goes for me. Maybe we're connected by an invisible, cosmic umbilical cord and when something good, decent, or bad happens to one of us, the twin is also affected.

No, I'm not going completely mental. I'm just exploring some interesting topics for another potential novel. Parallel universes and the chick-lit genre. Any potential readers out there?!?!? The topic I'm currently running with is communication with the dead and chick-lit. I don't believe I've run across any of those while doing my research (reading anything in Border's recommended reading paperback fiction section under $12.00.)

Okay, off to gov docs!

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