Monday, February 14, 2005

Poor Planning...

I've been posting to this blog quite a bit lately, and that's fine with me. Since I don't have any human and/or non-imaginary friends, I need to vent somewhere.

For some reason, the maintenance staff in my building started a restroom-related project this morning instead of, say, Friday night when no one is in the building, especially gals like me who use the restroom fifty times a day. The restroom is unusable until tomorrow due to some grout-curing magic that needs to occur. Since my bladder is roughly the size of the thimble piece in a Monopoly game, I've been running up a flight of stairs every half hour. This is getting aggravating. I would use the restroom on my floor, but if the grout issue is toilet-related, and if I should happen to break a toilet, this is the kind of thing people don't forget about. I still remember the names of two fat girls who broke a chair and a desk in grade school (I'm still laughing on the inside) and that's just plastic, metal and wood. If I broke a toilet, that's porcelain and metal pipe! A bit difficult to ignore! Not to mention the flooding that would probably occur, just my luck!

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