Sunday, February 20, 2005

My dirty little secret...

Anyone who knows me or has ever seen me knows that I have a tendency to wear predominately dark clothing. Basic black with greys and blues. Not because I think that black is slimming or anything like that; I just gravitate toward dark colors. That being said, I must admit there is a corner of my heart dedicated to my love of Lilly Pulitzer clothing. Lilly dresses are usually in bright happy pastels, bold rich colors, loud shocking patterns, and are usually extremely expensive, so when I break down and purchase an item, it's usually once a year and on super sale. In my collection I have the following:
--A fushia corduroy skirt with embroidered lime green palm trees
--A navy blue cord. skirt with embroidered lime green whales
--A ridiculous fushia pair of pants with multicolored embroidered mallards
--A lovely sea green fine wale cord. dress with fushia and white daisies and spaghetti straps.
and my most current addition to the collection purchased yesterday:
--a strapless, multicolored patchwork-style dress...AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!
This new dress is also extra special because it was originally $196.00 and I purchased it for the incredibly low price of...$15.00! That over 90% off!!! Now I'll need to find an occasion to wear it! It's not a Saturday afternoon supermarket shopping dress. It's more like Sunday brunch in the Hamptons. Oh, bother.

The only problem with this collection is wearing the pieces. I stick out like a sore thumb...a really adorable sore thumb.


dbry said...

I love the use of the word "ridiculous" here. It applies in so many way. I love Lilly Pulizter myself, although I feel like a Stepford wife when I ear it! ha ha. Where in heaven's name did you find Lp for $15? I must start shopping wear you do. I never find it on sale. I enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typos galore...dbry

Julie said...

Yes, where oh where did you find it for $15????

Jen said...

Hi everyone!

I found the dress at Marshall Field's in Troy (Michigan.) More specifically to Julie--at Oakland Mall. They don't officially have have a Lilly section there; someone probably purchased it at Sommerset and returned it to Oakland. That's the only reason I can think of as to why it was sooo cheap!

Julie said...

Ah, truly a one-of-a-kind then. You realize it was karmically intended for you, right? (If only karmically-intended boyfriends were so easy to stumble upon.)