Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Well, the game was okay. A bit dull, in fact. Maybe it's because I'm not a basketball fan, maybe because the puppy was more interesting than watching sweaty guys run around and demonstrate hand-eye coordination. Either way, the Pistons won the championship last night. I've had my fill of sports for the time being.

Everything seems to be going well with Mike and his friends are pretty cool. It was quite a comfortable atmosphere. I still can't determine whether he likes me or not. Grrr. He hugged me and said I was "warm and soft" but that might be an illusion to my layer of blubber, which reminds me, I should re-start my campaign to "lose the back, keep the rack." After departing from his home at 12:45 or so, I decided to crash at my parent's house. It seemed like a good idea, especially since my left contact was roaming around the back of my eyeball. A bit of a dangerous situation. So, after going to bed at 1:30, waking up at 5:00 and arriving at work at 7:00, my entire day/internal clock is screwed up. I'm planning on crashing hard at 3:00.

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Lusty Lizzard said...

Hey, any chance you've caught up on sleep yet? If you're up for more craziness, I'll be back in Detroit in a couple hours. We're staying Thursday night, and probably Friday night too. Give us a call!