Friday, June 04, 2004


I'm not sure what I'm doing. Should I keep going at Oakland and eventually become a paralegal? Should I return to Wayne State and become a librarian? Is there a third option??? Am I choosing a career just because of the money? I'm not sure I'll ever find job satisfaction and this is freaking me out. I'm jamming my free time with stupid activities hoping to discover a hobby that will make up for my dull, lifeless workplace existance.

On Tuesday, I'll be starting knitting classes. It's no longer an old lady hobby (or so I've been told) and perhaps I'll be able to make Christmas and birthday presents with more of a personal touch! The classes are held at The Wool and the Floss in Grosse Pointe, just off of Kercheval so when I'm finished with each class, maybe I can stop by The Pointe Peddlar and get a ham and cheese croissant for dinner. Mmmmm.

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