Thursday, June 24, 2004

Eye Candy

So, me hears from my fan club that millions of my loyal readers are clamoring for more J-Sto information. When will my new fragrance be released? What do I think of the fat ass comments? How did I break into Hollywood as just a short, very pale girl of Polish extraction sans rhythm or any discernible groove? What Netflix movies are you currently watching? My publicists will handle the first three, yet in the interest of staying close to my fans, I'll answer the latter. I LOOOOVE Netflix. For a hair over $20.00 a month, I can rent all the movies I can watch (three at a time.) It's positively wonderful. The three I have at mi casa are:

1. The Shape of Things
2. Girl with a Pearl Earring
3. Little Otik

M. hopefully will be coming over this weekend, perhaps Saturday, to hang out and watch one of these flicks, none of which I have yet watched. If only the damn papparazzi will leave us alone.

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