Thursday, June 10, 2004


As I was driving down Jefferson this morning, listening to the Pixies and drinking my Panera Bread coffee, I officially decided on four winning baby names: Miriam, Matilda, Lydia, and Julian. 3 girls and a boy. These are perfect--uncommon but not strange and difficult to shorten into a nickname. Maybe when I'm 40 and adopt a pile of kids from a Polish orphanage I'll be prepared name-wise.

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Lusty Lizzard said...

But you have to watch out for the dreaded "Jules".

Craig and I still like "Leif Erik Jensen" for a boy. I also like the name "Jenner Edward Jensen" (Edward Jenner is credited for creating the first immunization--against smallpox--which he demonstrated by infecting a young boy in the community!) For girls, I like "Alexandra Marie Jensen" or "Roberta Leigh Jensen"
In any case, I really like the "vowel consonant" for a girl and "consonant vowel" for a boy. It's part of my OCDness.