Friday, June 04, 2004


It's been in front of me for so long! I'll start writing again! I think I stopped because of Stupid Attorney Boy's opinion. I have so many ideas; one is bound to be a success! Here's the skinny on one of the stories--just the basics. 20-something girl, freshly dumped, discovers psychic/telekinetic powers and true love. Chic lit marries sci-fi. How does that sound? Anyone? Liz?

Damn it's a slow day at work, as I'm sure you have already gathered.

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Lusty Lizzard said...

Hey, I read your blog, don't I? I'd certainly read a book about girls developing psychic powers. And if the girl was stoic and dumped in a really harsh way, I bet Craig would love it too. He's a big Tanith Lee fan.

Personally, I want to write a novel (fiction) about how I die I get to haunt Thomas Hartwig and his family. I'd be a "friendly" sort of ghost that only they could see. And after several years of this, in one miraculously happy ending, he would acknowledge me as his daughter, and would consequently be a good grandfather to the child I never remember I had (since I died during child birth, and had some time in heaven, I forgot the last year before I died). Sorry I ruined the ending.

Anyway, I obviously think writing is a great idea. And NEVER base your career decisions on what one person thinks. Even if it's your mother. One person's opinion should never be more important than your opinion on what you want to do with your life.