Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Not having a good day...

My last two posts were just basic little quizzes that I found interesting and educational (since I now know how to get images on the page.) It's not that I'm suffering from a lack of issues to write about, it's just the opposite. I'm cursed with an abundance of ideas, unfortunately most of which fall into the "surly, nasty, bad attitude" category. Hell, since the chosen few have ever wandered onto this page, I'll give myself permission to rant and rave.

In eleven days, I will be turning 27 years old. 27 years boils down to 9861.75 days. Apart from the 1461 days spent learning how to talk, walk, and gain bladder control, I've spent the rest in educational settings or in some kind of semi-professional situation. Now I'm stalled.

When I started at Central nine years ago, I was pre-law. Technically, I graduated pre-law as well. If my initial plans were followed, I will have graduated at 22, finished law school at 25, and would probably have a nice job that would involve responsibilities, financial stability and a decent wardrobe. But alas, no. Things never work out the way you plan. I'm turning 27 with a job that only requires the ability to alphabetize, an outdated wardrobe, and a crappy, cheap, yet overpriced apartment. I have no peers at all and not even any close friends nearby. I'm unhappily single. I'm considering moving back home with my parents. I'm really depressed today thinking about this. Hell, it's 80 degrees outside and sunny, yet I'm in my cold office typing away feeling sorry for myself.

Even if I stuck with my library science degree, I would have a better existance by now, but of course, no. And I have at least 1.5 years left on the paralegal degree, but I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Man, what a stinker of a day I'm having today. I need a hug. Unfortunately, this attitude/outlook will probably last for the next couple of months, unless something good comes along--like a mood elevator or a social life.

Another thing: I hate computer dating. Although it's relatively easy and convenient, it's also soooo enlightening, in rotten ways. I checked my profile this morning to see how many times my profile had been checked out (1450) and out of curiousity I checked to see when Mike had last been logged on. He was active within 24 hours. Of course, so had I, but I'm a bit insecure right now. I need to get a life, or a hobby, or something to keep my brain occupied. He does seem interested in me, but who knows. Maybe he's got other dates lined up. After all this time, I'm quite used to rejection, but it doesn't get any easier. Why can't I make my brain slow down!?!?

I will snap out of this. I'm going outside for lunch. Ciao.

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