Monday, June 14, 2004

Smitten Kitten

Yesterday was very interesting, but before I go on, I must give props to my homies at Pfizer for their damn fine allergy medication ZYRTEC. On Sunday I met Mike at his house before embarking on our zoo outing. He has two extremely affectionate cats, both of whom I am extremely allergic to. In two or three hours, the Zyrtec I took in the morning had knocked out any allercic reactions I may have had. Wonder Drug!

We spent a lovely afternoon at the zoo, weather was party cloudy and about 80 degrees, all the animals were out and doing their particular animal thangs. We walked around for nearly five hours. Then we had dinner (Artichoke, black olive and fresh garlic pizza) and drinks at Como's in Ferndale, and back to his place at 8:30 for more conversation and to watch the Piston's game. I left at 10:45, wayyyyy past my bedtime, but all is cool. He wants to see me again sometime this week! Eeeek! He even emailed me this morning! I'm glowing like a smitten teenager, but these beginning days are always fun! I think he's interested in me, I'm pretty sure, but I have been fooled before.

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