Friday, June 18, 2004

Behold the Power of the Jinx

Everyone who knows me knows about my belief in the Jinx. According to, a jinx is "A person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck. Possibly from jynx, wryneck (from its use in witchcraft), from Latin iynx, from Greek iunx, perhaps from iuzein, to call, cry." I don't think of it as a tangible item, but more of a roving black storm cloud. I'm not a witch, but I'm a bit superstitious. Here's an example: apart from Idiot Attorney Boy's mental imbalance and self-centeredness, I'm also attributing the downfall to my bad habit of getting my hopes up and chattering waaaaaay too much about my personal/social life, ergo the jinx got me. Although this blog is basically a semi-public diary, I'm going to limit using my EYF's name, until things become more certain/stable, if they ever do. Then maybe the jinx will start visiting other people and I'll be happy for once.

Plans have been made for tonight! I'm going to M's house to watch "Lawrence of Arabia," which is not the usual date-night movie, but it's a great epic flick anyway. And there is definitely something attractive about a British guy garbed in traditional Arabic attire. I was in a T.E. Lawrence phase throughout my junior and senior years in high school, yet I never did get burnt out. I watched movies, read historical accounts, his books, everything. Yeah, I'm a dork.

It's obivious to M that I like him, I'm sure; maybe I'll get some indication tonight...Although this will be the third time we're hanging out this week, so at the very least, he doesn't mind hanging out with me.

Ugh, this is far more difficult than it should be.


Johnny said...

You better drop him some signals if you havent already. Even then, things can still go horribly wrong.

I recall once a girl put her hand on my leg but I liked her so much I was nervous and hesitant about doing something but I _definitely_ wanted her.

Jen said...

Oh, signals have been dropped. I think he's taking things really slow, since we're both been burned in the past. He's the type of guy who asks to hold my hand! How sweet and old-fashioned! And different than the rest.