Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm cold!

According to the "Live Detroit River Webcam by the Great Lakes Maritime Institute from the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle" (that's a mouthful) it is currently 82 degrees outside. On Channel 7 this morning, I was informed that it could reach 91 degrees today. Keeping all this in mind, I shlepped myself outside to read and returned about fifteen minutes later because I was chilly. Not that this office is balmy either: I have goosebumps and a runny nose. If I'm getting sick, there will be serious hell to pay. I'm blaming John for this one; it's probably a reptile virus. Damn.

I've got to recover by Sunday! I'm going to the Detroit Zoo with Mike! Yippee. Now, what to wear... I have a nice khaki skirt, maybe a white shirt, but I'll probably look like someone dressing for safari, and I'm not going to be that dork this time!

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