Monday, April 18, 2005

Things I'll miss about Detroit...

Apart from financial security and all my work friends, there are a handful of things I'll definitely miss about the big city when my employment ends sometime very soon. Here are a few things I'll especially miss:

--The guy who works in the toll booth at JLA who blows me a kiss every day. His gesture makes me feel all fuzzy inside daily.
--Seeing semi-celebrity look alikes on the ride in. Today I saw a guy who looks exactly like Frank Zappa.
--Being within a few miles of the DIA.
--Spending my lunch hour on the riverfront.
--Seeing Canada every day.
--The people who recognize me at Starbucks.
--The strong stink of urine in the air every morning...oh wait, I won't miss that one.

They began interviewing for my job today and I haven't heard from Mr. Trivial Pursuit Date yet, so instead of feeling sorry for myself, I took a mental holiday 1/2 day, spent some time out in the sun and started canvassing the area for a new gig. Starbucks is starting to look promising.

Really pissy Monday.


Vavoom said...

Don't fret about Mr. Date. If he doesn't show up, it's his loss. I'm wondering why you didn't ask you the guy that looks like Frank Zappa...

Egan said...

Have a nice cup of extra foamy Tazo Chai and call it a day.

Sorry to hear about Mr. Date. It's his loss and not yours.

ago-go said...

dumb boy...give him until tonight then forget about him.