Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Quien es esa nina?

I just found this picture from a zillion years ago. The differences between the 1997 me and the Jen of today are as follows:
1. My hair is no longer orange.
2. I am, more or less, completely blindingly white. No strange tanlines.
3. Mi Hermana Kate stole back her Bare Naked Ladies sunglasses.
4. I haven't been at a football game since I graduated.
5. I am way too old for that strappy tank look.
6. I am not harboring a crush on a math professor, as I was when the pic. was taken. I was hoping to see him at the game, while casually reading something I thought would look impressive. I no longer read to impress. That may have been the only time in my life I ever did that. Earlier in the year, I would pack my math textbooks and actually do homework during the game, but that was mostly due to the fact that I loathe football and had friends in the band.

Apart from that, I'm still a bit funny-looking.



Jen said...

Also, I weigh about 20 pounds less!

ago-go said...

not funny looking, 17 and cute...