Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Prince of Darkness...

Mr. ITAEIT (see previous posts) surfaced yesterday afternoon after having just been written off as another abandoning bastard. He called me around 6:00, but I was not available. At the time I was getting drunk on the clean smells of spring and the sensations of wearing flip flops for the first time all year. It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so I flip flopped around our palatial estate checking out the state of the greenery. It will be a few weeks until the lilacs start blooming, but the buds are quite promising for now. I'm buying a digital camera this weekend, so I'll be able to post pics!!!

Anyway, I spoke with N. (for brevity's sake) later on last night. I'm not sure if he was putting on a cheerful facade the few times we've met and spoken in the past, but he is definitely not doing that anymore. He's now basically the Angel of Death. The Prince of Darkness. Bitter and angry. I asked if he was speaking with anyone like a therapist and expressed concern for his health and well-being. He is definitely someone in need of a vacation. Usually when I start getting all doom and gloomy, any current relationship is headed straight into the shitter. Depressive states repel guys like Kryptonite. It's happened zillions of times in the past, but now that the roles have been reversed I don't think I'll run away.


ago-go said...

so are you going to see him again? or is that chapter closed?

and fie on your inhaler btw, that really bites!

Jen said...

I would really like to see him again, even just to hang out but I'm sure it won't happen. It's probably not meant to be. Damn! All I need right now is a guy-friend buddy to go to Tiger games with! Is that too much to ask!?!?