Saturday, April 16, 2005

t-minus one hour and counting...

and I have to puke. I can't believe I'm actually nervous! Here's a list of things I've done in preparation for the first official date of 2005 (how sad):

--did a protein treatment on my hair (around 10:30.)
--washed and conditioned my hair again around 4:00.
--went to Target, purchased new underwear, earings and eyeshadow (that Almay eye color enhancers so my greens will stand out.)
--polished fingernails, toenails, and scrubbed my heels with a pumice stone.
--Actually remembered to shave my legs. The 'stash was adequately dealt with yesterday morning (ugh, Nair.)

I'm trying not to be a spaz. I was waaayyy too much caffiene in the system right now!

1 comment:

ago-go said...

wow! you must be the best groomed and date-prepped girl around. i hope it went well.