Sunday, April 17, 2005

Best date ever...

After getting dolled up last night in my little black dress from Petite Sophisticate and cute new Chinese Laundry shoes (black and white houndstooth mules-I can't locate a pic. of these anywhere; they might be from last year) and locating my Trivial Pursuit game (he requested it,) I met M. at his house, exchanged pleasantries, and headed out with him to the Detroit Film Theater. We watched "Mondovino", and now I know more about the globalization of the wine trade than I ever needed to know. Then we went for Thai (we split Pad Thai, satay and fresh rolls) and went back to his place for Trivial Pursuit. He's as big a trivia geek as me. And somehow, someway, I actually lost!!! I've never lost at Trivial Pursuit before in my life!!! I've never had a worthy competitor!

I accumulated all the pie pieces early in the game, way before him, and got stuck with crappy questions while getting to the middle of the board. He then caught up quickly and got to the middle two spaces ahead of me and somehow answered correctly a question about harness racing. What the hell???

It was a really great date. No lull in the conversation at all. We have a ridiculous amount of stuff in common (when our families left Poland, our senses of humor, our Thai food preferences) but not enough to feel like I'm dating myself. Just someone very similar to myself, only without all the annoying details I dislike about myself.

A bit more than a peck at the end of the night, but I'm not complaining. :)

I really hope I hear from him again!


ago-go said...

a-1 sister...high-fiving you from winnipeg! so so so glad you had the best date ever. the giddiness will ensue i tell you.

Egan said...

Congrats on the great date. That's wonderful when there's no lull in the conversation. Very very good sign. Have a great Sunday.

Vavoom said...

Way to go, Jen. I'm happy to hear it went so well.