Thursday, May 12, 2005

This would be the perfect time...

for me to get embroiled in a Scarecrow & Mrs. King-esque scenario. My schedule is completely open and I'm the last person in the world anyone would suspect to be a super spy.

I'd love to tell everyone that I work for a dull documentary film company (ala Scarecrow) and actually risk getting kidnapped by the Russians or Libyans every week. Then my totally odd-couple, way-too-hot-for-real-life partner would save me in the nick of time.

Alas, the chances of meeting a hottie super-spy secret agent in Sterling Heights, Michigan are slim to none. The closest representative from a governmental agency would probably be from the IRS and they're hardly clandestine.

1 comment:

ago-go said...

being a spy sounds like a perfectly resonable career choice to me.

a few years ago, before i stupidly decided to go to library school, i was brainstorming possible job ideas. my top picks were:

1) grand theft auto
2) starting a cocaine smuggling ring with a similarly underemployed co-worker.

both choices are starting to look very promising again... are so very cute in your photo miss jen!