Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I went to a Tigers game last night; they won in extra innings. Said inning were played after I had left, due to the fact that it was 50 degrees and I was cold, due to the flip-flop/bare foot fixation I am suffering from. Aside from that, all was good, fun, dandy (because I ate a really great hot dog) and surreal...because I saw Mr. Former Attorney Crush a few hours earlier!!!

I was walking past a restaurant on the way to Comerica Park and there he was, sitting in the front window eating dinner with a bunch of guys who I'm sure are fellow attorneys. He looked right at me but didn't seem to recognize me. I saw him and thankfully I was walking with a group of people because my gut dropped to my knees and I actually gasped out loud. And my fingers started tingling. Wow. If I saw him outside on the street someday, I would hope to say something like "Hey Bill, how's it goin'?" In reality, I'd probably be suffering some kind of ridiculous stammering fit and shock due to the rapid evacuation of my intestines to my patellas.

Damn, this crush just won't go away. I haven't seen a glimpse of him in over 6 months!

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Egan said...

That's a cute story. You should have gone up to him and planted a wet one on his cheek. Then he probably would have remembered you.