Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Summer plans...

It looks like I will be accompanying my Aunt Marge to the Ukraine sometime this summer. She and her husband Dale will be adopting at least two children from an orphanage!!! The reason for the trip and the destination are the only concrete pieces of information I have, so planning this excursion is a bit of a problem. This is what I don't know yet:

Where in the Ukraine the orphanage is? It's a damn big country.
When we will be leaving? I was told sometime in June...or maybe July.
When we will be coming home: I was told we would be there for at least three weeks.
What will the accommodations be? Will we be in a hotel, an apartment, a house or something else?
Will I require a visa? I'm considering contacting the Ukrainian Embassy in Chicago. If someone knows the answer to this, please let me know.

The only issues I'm personally worried about are the proximity of the orphanage/hotel to Chernobyl combined with the quality/safety of root vegetables.

Even though this is one big pile of uncertainty, I'm more than happy to assist. And she's happy that I can make it...thanks to the fact that I'm not doing anything with my days for the time being and I'm the only available family member with a valid passport, but the passport is from 1997 when I was more than a bit heavier and my hair was considerably browner. The picture looks absolutely nothing like me anymore.

On a completely different note: Newsradio, the fantastic show from the late 90s with Dave Foley is out on DVD today! I've been watching it for the past few hours. Good stuff.

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