Thursday, May 26, 2005

Music tag...

Ago tagged me with this one. Anyone who is reading this, whoever you may be, feel free to pass this one along!

1. Total volume of music files on my computer: 258. Not too many, but I'm just getting the hang of my iPod.
2. The Last CD I bought was: "The Essential Leonard Cohen"
3. Song Playing Right Now: The last song I listened to was "That's Just What You Are" by Aimee Mann.
4. Five songs I listen to a lot (in no particular order):

--"Superstar" by The Carpenters. I absolutely love Karen Carpenter's voice, especially on this track. I will belt this one out while driving.

--"So In Love" by OMD. Yes, they had songs other than "If You Leave" and this one blows everything else away!!

--"Dylsexic Heart" by Paul Westerberg. From the "Singles" soundtrack circa early 90s. Very peppy! "Do I hate you? Do I date you? Do I got a dyslexic Heart?"

--"Birdhouse in Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants. It is truly impossible to be in a lousy mood while listening to this song. Unfortunately, listening to more than one TMBG CD in one sitting/car ride can result in a certain degree of craziness.

--"Autobahn" by Kraftwerk. For anyone who doesn't know, they are the German great-granddaddies of electronica. Autobahn is about 25 minutes long and fairly creepy but it is also really hypnotic and very cool. For such a long song, it has only a few short, yet Germanically significant lyrics:

Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn

Vor uns liegt ein weites Tal
Die Sonne scheint mit Glitzerstrahl

Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band
Weisse Streifen, grĂ¼ner Rand

Jetzt schalten wir ja das Radio an
Aus dem Lautsprecher klingt es dann:
Wir fahr'n auf der Autobahn...


We are driving on the Autobahn

In front of us is a wide valley
The sun is shining with glittering rays

The driving strip is a grey track
White stripes, green edge

Now we're switching the radio on
From the speaker it sounds:
We are driving on the Autobahn...


Osbasso said...

A big thumbs up on the Kraftwerk. Before electronica ended up going the way it did, this was IT! I might even actually own more than one Kraftwerk LP, but I haven't seen my LPs in about 15 years.....

My very first concert that I ever attended was the Carpenters in 1974. It was fantastic. The opening act was some bizarre no-name comedian who played banjo. I think his name was Steve Martin, or something like that.

katarina said...

"Birdhouse in Your Soul" Almost made my list too! It's such a cute song and makes me really happy. I'm sure it means something, but I have no clue what. Maybe you can help me with that one.