Saturday, May 07, 2005

Go Giacomo!!! (or Hey buddy, why the long face?)

In honor of this year's long shot victory for Giacomo, I shall disclose that I'm not too far away from my competitive jockey weight of 105 pounds. Since I'm a hair under 5'2", this is quite do-able, healthwise. I plan on attending next year's Kentucky Derby in person, I shall wear a divine hat and I shall drink at least one mint julip. As for the horses, that's a totally different story. I may weigh as much as a jockey, but I'll leave them to the paid professionals: horses scare the shit out of me. It has something to do with their hooves and teeth. Also, I'm extremely allergic to them.

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Egan said...

Horses scare the hell out of me too. I had been on one a few times when I was young, but for some reason they still scare me. Maybe I need to watch The Horse Whisperer again.