Friday, January 14, 2005

Wigging out...

So far, this has been the year of intellectual, creative and physical (marathon plans) endeavors, but it's also evolving into a total carpe diem-esque time in my life. Out of the blue, whilst sitting in my dull office this morning, I just decided to go out and buy a red wig. A natural looking yet inexpensive auburn wig. I don't know what triggered this urge; maybe the thought of hanging out somewhere on St. Patrick's Day and pretending to be Irish, who knows?

Anyone who is familiar with Downtown Detroit is no doubt aware of the area's wig store density. In some parts, you can't swing a dead cat without smacking into a wig store. I dragged my buddy Carol (who just really wanted to go to Starbucks and not go shopping) and went to Eastern Wig--an extremely unique establishment next to the Compuware Building. If you are folically challenged or just curious, this is the place to visit. Unfortunately, if you aren't quite sure what you're actually looking for, this is a confusing place to shop. I had a shade of red in mind. After trying on two mid-back length wigs (with cute bangs!) in carroty-red and dark copper red, I just wasn't finding the perfect shade and was getting frustrated. This isn't the kind of place where you walk in and say "Hi, I'm looking for something Molly Ringwald/Pretty in Pink red, not Breakfast Club red." You need a definite shade in mind.

To make a long store short, I didn't purchase anything, but plan on returning maybe next week (with some now-curious co-workers) to narrow down the choices for my goofy purchase.

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