Thursday, January 13, 2005

My popularity...

Out of the blue, around Thanksgiving, as I was expecting a call from someone supossedly interested in purchasing my entertainment unit (*sigh*) I received a call from one of the turd boys from last year. The conversation went exactly like this:

ME: Hello?
TURD: Jen? It's TURD from a few months ago.
ME: Oh. Hello.
TURD: I want to take you out to dinner and a movie tonight.
ME: Sorry, I can't go. No, no! Not out of the blue like this. No! Bye.

And that was that. 36 seconds in total. I've never been so proud of myself (as far as my skills of getting rid of unwanted callers goes.)

Well, I am "After-the-fact" popular yet again, as of late. A guy I dated for a month or so (and who then disappeared) now works in Detroit and is looking for an after-work drinking buddy--me. We're meeting up after work tonight and although I'm not really in the mood to talk to this particular person, or any person right now, I shall attempt to be cordial. It is better than drinking alone.

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liz said...

Wow! Those are some fantastic unwanted-caller-denying skills. (I bet you have *great* boundaries.)