Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Last night I finally got in touch with Liz (of Lusty Lizzard fame.) It was great to hear from her and to hear all about her residencies and Ph.D plans, but the kicker was to discover that she and Craig are planning on starting a family soon. We talked about baby names and all that jazz--she likes the name Leif for a boy. Very cool Viking moniker! Liz and Craig are absolutely perfect for each other. The perfect match! One in five billion!

Ever since that conversation, I've been thinking about the progression of my own life. I'm 27 years old and have never, ever come close to being married, or even close to the point of even considering having my DNA mingle with another's. Hell, I've never even met a guy who I would consider changing my last name for. Not that I haven't been looking.

In my relatively short dating history, I have received two proposals. Neither of which were romantic or memorable. The first was on the way to the movies one night and it was a month after we had met. I didn't accept or say no. It was just a ridiculous suggestion, never to be brought up again. The second suggestion was offered while we were walking past a pet shop. Again, I didn't give an answer but I was slightly moved by/totally creeped out by the fact that he was a bit emotional. Hell, this guy was forever welling up. Looking back on these two guys, I thank God that my head is on straight and that I'm not an emotional twit...but still I can't help but wonder if I'll get any more future opportunities.

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