Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sleeping with Prince Valium...

Last night I somehow pulled a muscle in my back. Since I do nothing all day except sit and breathe, this is quite a puzzler. The last time I pulled my back, way back in May, it was due to bending down, twisting, and picking up a laundry basket with two month's worth of towels and other dirty, heavy stuff. Maybe this time I sniffled or sneezed, or maybe it was due to sitting on the couch while eating dinner (chicken caesar salad.) I took a Valium (or Diazepam (sp) for all you pharmacy geeks out there) before bed and had the sleep of the angels! I'm still sleepy!

Here's a long-overdue announcement: I am officially a grad student again! Yay! I'm back at Wayne State and should finish my Master's in a year or so. Only one class had any spots remaining and although it is a killer course, it is on Saturday afternoons! So, I'll be able to sleep in and I won't be after-work-cranky! I'm really excited to get back in the grad school saddle again. It feels as if my life has a little purpose after all.

I'm still sticking to my New Year's Resolutions and am making some definite progress! I purchased a new pair of running shoes from Hanson's (cute red and white gel Asics) but thanks to all the rain and snow, my outdoor running has been hampered. I've also make progress on the vacation front! I'm now planning a trip to England for my birthday!!! I WILL be at Stonehenge for the Equinox on June 21st!

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