Thursday, September 02, 2004

Food Guilt

Last night I was all set for a nice, balanced dinner of leftovers when I was hit by an uncontrollable craving: Taco Bell. Evil, sinister Taco Bell with their hard tacos, greasy, yet oh so tasty seasoned beef, and what I needed most of all in my life (at least at 6:00 last night)--nacho cheese. After finishing my taco and Nachos Bell Grande (sans tomato and sour cream) I felt extremely guilty. Of course I didn't go anything like throw it up (nacho chips on the esophagus--ouch!) but now I'm trying to figure out how to work it in my diet plan. One idea is not eating anything else today, but that isn't an attractive option.


Gustav said...
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Gustav said...

What ever made you so guilty eating at Taco Bell so throwing up entered your mind? The mere breaking of diet made you think like that? Ethical reasons? There mere joys of praying to the porcelain God?


Tyrone Vitoff said...

Hey. Just because Taco Bell can't fit into your diet plan, doesn't make it evil. Maybe it's your diet plan that is evil for not letting poor old Taco Bell in on the game. I mean, who does your diet plan think he is? Better than Taco Bell? Puh-lease! The nerve. Your diet plan needs to grow up and learn to play nice with others.