Monday, August 30, 2004

The most perfect day...

Yesterday was, as the title already pointed out, the most perfect day. I woke up to a steady rain and fairly cool temperature; quite relaxing. Then I managed to get out of bed and got dressed semi-unfashionably, then went to Tim Horton's for coffee and Tim Bits. French cruller Tim Bits are the best! Then, as it was still raining and most people were still at home in bed, I stopped at Pete and Franks for fruit. Sale on plums! Yay! Then I returned home, did some dishes, watched portions of the Olympic Marathon, made a bowl of chicken noodle soup, finished watching The Young Ones, took a hot bath, then put on my pajamas and got in bed...and didn't leave until I woke up this morning. Okay, sure I left a few times, but mostly, I just sat propped up in total comfort with a good book and a cup of coffee at my side. Absolute heaven! Not to mention the veal parmesan I heated up for dinner! Delish!

I read from 3:00 until 7:30, starting and finishing Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere." If only more people were able to escape from everything and read--the world would be a much quieter, more intellectual place. Anna Karennina will be started tonight!

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Tyrone Vitoff said...

Sometimes we all just need to have those days.