Wednesday, September 08, 2004

What a turd!

It's been almost a year since Luis decided to rid his life of me via email (after which I felt as if 180 pounds of fat had been lifted from my shoulders, not to mention from the passenger seat of my car; no driver's license--what a lump!) He rarely enters into my thoughts, except for when I find one of his resumes under the printer, or when I think of how to describe the ceremonial Chinese robe he left in my car when I place it on eBay. Well, as I was packing up all my belongings last night for the big move, I discovered that he stole my black Prada stocking cap! It's a women's hat for pete's sake!!!

Now that I'm on the subject, I feel like ranting. I bought him a Hebrew Detroit Tiger's baseball cap for his birthday. The embroidery started to fray, he complained, I ordered a replacement, he dumped me via email ("lets be friends, I want to see other people") Argh!!!, then the hat arrived, now it's sitting on the shelf in my closet. I'm going to put in on eBay as well. He never bought me a Hanukkah gift, or a Christmas gift or even a birthday gift, AND HE HAD "DATED" ME FOR OVER TWO YEARS!!!!! How could I have been soooo stupid and so wasteful of time!?!?!? Like I'm going to get ages 24-26 back? Not bloody likely. And to top it all off, he still owes me a few hundred dollars in bail money!!!!!

And now for something completely different...

I had another revelation this past weekend. I really need to start getting my ideas on paper and SOON! I need to move somewhere really happening, culturally speaking. New York or London. I need the dirt, grime, population density and the life! I need museums, plays, and avant garde productions! I feel as if my life is at a standstill. I'll finish the paralegal degree while writing in my more-than-ample spare time. Then things will begin to happen...but they won't start unless I do!

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Tyrone Vitoff said...

Wow. Pretty intense, Jen. Don't look at it as a waste of time, it was just a waste of Luis.