Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I just booked my Las Vegas vacation!!! Heatstroke, here I come! Seriously, everyone in my family has been there and I've been given tons of suggestions; do any of y'all have any ideas and/or helpful hints? I need something to do other than tour the Liberace Museum :}

So, in the next few weeks, I need to the following:
--Drop 20 pounds (yeah, right.)
--Learn how to play blackjack and poker
--get a tan so I won't sizzle in the sun, as I am currently the whitest person in the country.

I have already:
--purchased a new purse that doubles as carry-on luggage (big enough for a few books, yet NOT touristy.)
--Purchased a cute sundress from Victoria's Secret. It's little, it's black, it's a dress, but it's not a "little black dress." It's more of a shorts-free day option.
-Decided to eat at a bufet only once and for the budget's sake, make the remainder of my meals coffee-based.

Also, for reasons that continue to baffle me, my mom warned me about prostitution.
MOM: "You know Jen, the city is called 'sin-city' for a reason."
JEN: "Uh, thanks mom but I'm not planning on picking up any hookers."

What the hell?


Julie said...

Nor are you planning, I hope, on becoming one!

Aren't you already a skinny-mini? Don't get all Lindsay Lohan on us!

Osbasso said...

I recommend taking lots of HNT pics....

Princess Steph said...

lol @ your mom- that so sounds like something my mom would come up with!!

We really enjoyed a quick drive out to Hoover Dam when we went...

Jen said...

Julie--Skinny mini I wish! And the job potential out there is definitely something to think about. Hmmm.

Os--I will try my best. Maybe I'll become a showgirl and everyday will be HNT.

PS--I booked the deluxe Hoover Dam tour w/lunch through the hotel. I've watched the making of the dam a zillion times on the Learning and/or Discovery channels. It's time to see it in person!

yournamehere said...

Don't eat the $1.50 footlong hot dog. If you go to a buffet, go to the one at Paris for a late lunch. All the French food you can eat for $17.99 is a pretty good deal. Also, if you go to you can be put on guest lists and get into certain clubs free.

ago-go said... hookers, just pole dancing, right jen?

sounds like it'll be a fun trip.

Osbasso said...

Oh, yeah--work on the pole dancing thing. Your injuries have healed, haven't they?