Saturday, July 16, 2005


I'm all about challenging myself these days. I set up yet another blog recently dedicated to reading a book a week. Check it out. I just started on the new Harry Potter book, and may stay up all night reading. Hell, there are worse things to be staying up really late watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and eating Slim Jims...not that I know anyone who would do something quite that horrifying and wrong.

Which brings me to yet another challenge: I'm going vegetarian on August 1st. I'll try sticking to an ovo-lacto-pesci diet, which means I'll be getting friendly with egg salad and tuna fish. It's really not for any animal rights issues, although I do feel rotten about eating animals which mate for life (ducks, geese) or have migratory instincts (geese [and salmon which I will eat occasionally because of the Omega-3 fatty acids...and the fact that they are tasty]) or have survival instincts (there was a bull that escaped from a slaughterhouse in Detroit a year or so ago. He was the lead 5:00 news story. He was later caught, yet rescued and is currently living out his remaining years in pasture.) I don't feel sorry for the following animals but will still avoid eating them: chickens, turkeys, goats and sheep. And from now on, until I die or have my mind changed otherwise, I will NEVER eat octopus. They are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet.

So, for the next few weeks I'll need to get my fill of kielbasa, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and ribs. We'll see how long I can stick to this challenge.

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Princess Steph said...

I ddin't eat meat for 4 years after high school but had a serious lack of iron going on at that point.

It gets to be not so bad after a few months.