Monday, July 04, 2005

Baby, I'm money!

My parents have dubbed my period of unemployment as "The Summer of Jen" ala George on Seinfeld. As part of this sabbatical, I've decided to take a real, honest-to-God vacation to Las Vegas at the end of this month. I just checked on the temp: 103 degrees--I can hardly wait!!!!! I'm not much into gambling; Detroit has casinos and I've lost about $50 within the past few years. No big whoop. I'm also not much into shows (sorry Celine Dion,) but I'd be interested in seeing Circ de Soleil. Mabye I can wander onto a crime scene straight outta CSI.

Vegas Baby!

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Redneck Diva said...

Only $50 in the past few YEARS??? Holy cow, I can lose that in a night easy. Several times a week even. And we wonder why we're always broke...

When you live in the Native American Casino Capital of the Universe, you're bound to have a gambling problem at some point, though. Right? Right? Help me justify!!