Monday, July 04, 2005

I am what I am...

and I'm no longer a blonde. I've devided to go back to my roots, and if memory serves, those roots should be dark brown. I've been messing with my hair for almost a decade, starting my freshman year in college when I first discovered Manic Panic. I spent a few LONG weeks with Vampire Red (I think that's the shade) locks. Then I'd been swinging back and forth between reddish/strawberry blonde to violently Debbby Harry Blonde to "Lets try something completely different" eggplant purplish-red-brown, after which I freaked out and personally stripped my own hair and went back to blonde. Then, when I was flushed with funds, I would sometimes pay for highlights. I'm amazed it hasn't all fallen out.

I did the big color-change myself (quite poorly, might I add; brown on top of blonde isn't always pretty) and decided that I really need a professional color correction, so on Tuesday afternoon, with the assistance of John K., I will hopefully leave the salon with a lovely dark nut brown shade. Maybe I'll also pop for an eyebrow arching. I take care of upper-lip 'stash matters on my own; I don't trust myself with the brows.

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yournamehere said...

In summer the sun turns the top of my hair blondish, with my brown roots. People think I dye it that way. Those people aren't very bright.