Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Identity crisis...

I was just goofing around on Target.com, looking up wedding registries for people I dislike (who won't be getting anything from me, of course) when I thought "gee, I wonder if there's anyone with my name getting married" and yes indeedy, someone with my exact name got hitched to a guy named Andrew on June 25th...in Michigan. I was fairly certain that I was the only Jennifer with my peculiar last name in Michigan. I guess I was wrong. Hopefully, she'll be taking his last name.

If I do ever find Mr. Wonderful and get married, there are only a few items I'll definitely register for. These include:
A lime green Kitchenaid Mixer and a Wusthof knife block (with knives.)


ago-go said...

i must say that's unusual, the name thing that is. i wouldn't think that it's popular...maybe you should keep your eyes open for an Andrew. and i like the mixer, very retro!

Egan said...

Huh, strange indeed about the last name thing. My wife's last name combined with my first name are rather unique. I don't think either of us has to worry about another person walking this planet with either of our names... just in case you were wondering. She opted to keep her name.. and I applaud her for that.

Love that KitchenAid mixer you chose. We have the same one, but in boring white. I love all the attachments. Damn I am a dork.

ago-go said...

yes egan baby, you are a dork. but a very nice one.

i dig that your wife kept her name. i think i would either do that or get us both to hyphenate.