Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I am completely laid-up with a nasty summer cold/virus. I feel like I got run over by a dumptruck. It's a strange bug that's running rampant through my household: it's mainly on the right side of my head--right side earache, sore throat, sinus headache and swollen gland. Maybe it's because I'm right-handed. My dad is a lefty and all his symptoms are lefties as well. Maybe that's the stupidest medical hypothesis in the history of stupid ideas.

I watched lots of Kim Possible again today. It's on 10,000 times a day on a few different channels. Effective immediately, or as soon as this bug goes away, I'm cutting myself off from the show. Why? Because as I was obtaining health insurance yesterday, I actually said "Oh, no drama" when explaining the state of my job-search to the insurance agent. My innards cringed as I said it.

Things could be worse: I could get stuck on soaps again. When I was thirteen or so, I was stuck on General Hospital and All My Children. I'd tape the shows every day and watch them before bed. Since the shows seem to be fairly youth-oriented these days, I'm safe.


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