Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm officially a grown-up now...oh wait--on second thought I'm totally not.

It was brought to my attention that I didn't complain about not getting a free birthday drink this year. In fact, I consumed no alcohol on my birthday, or even a drop since Saturday. I was feeling very proud of this fact, and dare I say it, even MATURE until my TV watching habits of the past few days also sunk in: I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon watching Kim Possible on the Disney Channel...and I'm doing it again right now.

Not that it makes it any better, but half the time I think I prefer the villians to the "good guys."

My God, I need to get back to work! Does anyone need a proofreader/copywriter in the Metro Detroit area?!?!?


katarina said...

Don't feel bad. I spent the better part of Memorial Day watching the "That's So Raven" marathon. Damn Disney Channel.

yournamehere said...

We used to watch "Saved by the Bell" marathons on TBS and play a drinking game. Every time one of the characters, major or minor, wore a shirt you wouldn't be caught dead in, everyone would do a shot. I lost a few friends to alcohol poisoning.